I want to ride my...


A quick shout out to the courteous cyclist who showed exemplary etiquette in not only having a bell, but also using it well ahead of his approach so I had enough warning to easily make way and even exchange pleasantries as he went by.

As I have had a poke at other less considerate cyclists in the past (and probably will do in the future) I thought it only right to give a big shout and a thumbs up to...

      ...none other than our esteemed forum owner, @Jason! (...and I'm sure he didn't even know it was me).  :)

Thanks mate. really appreciated.


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    @Glyn - very kind, ta.

    In fairness, I accept that I was going a little too fast. I had work starting at midday.

    Thanks for politely shifting...
  • This song is now my full time earworm.
  • Me too Hazel, it's driving' me crazy... Oh dear, here we go again... STOP IT!
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