Fenced-in space for dogs to exercise

Does anyone have/know of a fenced area (field, wasteland, paddock etc) suitable for two small and energetic dogs to play in for a couple of hours a day?  Mine are very friendly but stubborn by temperament, so off-leash walking can be challenging... (NB professional training has been tried). Would be prepared to pay rent. 


  • It isn't entirely fenced in but the dog exercise area on KGV has fence/ hedge between you and the main field and a steep drop at the back of the area. I find it keeps my puppy secure..even when we have a recall fail he can't go anywhere unsafe.

  • There is a field that looks fenced in along cut throat Lane  (I that's it's name) I don't know who owns it and have never seen anything in there. It would be an ideal place for people with dogs who can't recall them.
  • Thanks to both.  We do go to the KGV exercise space but my dogs are intrepid enough to get down into the woods - they always do come back but there are sometimes folks in the woods who are nervous if approached, even though my dogs are very friendly they can be a bit mouthy!

    I'll look for the Cut Throat lane field, thanks, I'm just finding my way about after many many years away!
  • And thanks for a wonderfully considerate post.

    Having watched on many occasions while owners have brazenly allowed their dogs to run riot across saltmarsh and scare away all the birds that I would have been watching, this is great to see.

    Thank you.
  • Fair point Glyn. 
  • Walking my dog along the trail or the riverbank I have occasionally come across brazen birdwatchers blocking the path with their oversize binoculars and very phallic long lenses oblivious to all others as they focus in on their harmless pastime. Note that most dogs realise quite early on in their development that birds cannot be caught as they fly away. However cats kill birds quite frequently here in Wivenhoe it seems so maybe frustration should be reserved for the killers of your passions not the futile chasers? Plus cats are always dumping in my plant beds so I don't like them! 
  • Well, in all my time faithfully tramping around my local patch (admittedly with pocket-sized, non-phallic optics), I don't think I've ever observed a cat scrambling across the saltmarsh. They are usually clever enough to pounce from cover rather than joyfully splash around boggy habitat where they can be seen a mile off.

    Nope, it's definitely dogs.

  • hey, Glyn, Dogs Rock!
  • I agree. We have a 15 year-old labrador who is not allowed to chase wildlife, cats  or even postmen.

    Here is a photo this morning of a brazen bird watcher with anti-social equipment dangling free...

  • Thankyou all - can’t find Cut Throat Lane on online maps (except in Witham) - could somebody kindly explain how to get there (I live at The Cross). Am anxious to find safe space for dogs, until I have my own house & garden. 
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