Trying to contact Dawn, Pete and Hector

Hi, I'm just trying to contact Dawn or Pete (sorry I don't have a surname) to see if Hector would like to meet up with Maisy.  If that's you or you know them could you get them to contact me at work on 01206 766422.  Sunday at the vennie would be good if we can arrange a time to meet, I think we probably keep missing each other.  Thanks


  • I'm guessing Hector is a Dog? 
    If so I may see Dawn at school so will let her know .
  • If the Forum ran a competition for the best smile-raising thread since the Bard's Christmas contributions, this one would have got my vote! 
  •  Bard's Christmas 

    Oh Dear
  • Yes folks, Hector is a chocolate lab pup (Maisy is the pup in the avatar), I wanted to say 'meet up for a play-date in the park' but that sounded a bit sinister!  Thanks for anyone who can help these 2 reunite!
  • Have tried to contact them for you 
  • Have managed to contact them they will contact you 
  • Wow, thanks, that's superfast.
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