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As some of you may be aware a very important service has been withdrawn at our surgery here in Wivenhoe by the NHS North Essex CCG, namely ear syringing. If you like me suffer with your ears this is a vitally important service and will now cost approx £70 per ear privately which a lot of people may not be able to afford (nor should they). If this is allowed to continue what other services will they deem fit to withdraw as they are seen as no longer being "cost effective" etc.

With the above in mind, I would ask you to write or email the NHS North Essex CCG (details on the web)  voicing your concerns and ask this service be reinstated asap. 

We need to support our surgery to provide the service they want to provide and only by people complaining to the CCG will this happen. Do be warned, they think they are above reproach as they initially ignored my email but soon found out that was not the best course of action!! 

Admin hope this OK


  • I’m not a medic, but from what I understand from a past conversation on the topic, once you have had your ears syringed in the past, it is something you keep having to have done because something about the process makes the ear produce wax faster.  Hence why a lot of people have to have it done every few years.  I am told that were once ears woukd have been syringed, now other teatments are used as a first option, but too late for those who have had it in the past.  If that is true, then effectively the NHS have caused this dependency by previous treatment regimes, - withdrawing a treatment from those you made dependent on it is despicable!  Also, its’s quick and done in surgery, where are the savings?  Hearing loss has so many knock on costs, I don’t see the point unless they offer an alternative treatment to  these patients.
  • Steph

    Your statement about offering alternative treatments is exactly what I have asked the CCG and waiting a reply. I myself am awtg an appointment with an ENT specialist which will cost far more in time and money than if the surgery had been allowed to sort my problem in the first place!!??

    I hope this does not fall on deaf ears ..(excuse the pun)
  • Get referred to Col  County ENT  Totally free and also vacuumed out
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