At 3.45 am?


  • And not just an odd rocket but enough noise for a substantial display. Perhaps that's where our rowdy student neighbours were off to just after 3am.
  • It went on for quite a while and woke us up. Does anyone know where they were being set off? 
  • It was obviously another example of anti - social activity, which of course will not be challenged, and so the culprits will feel encouraged.
  • It won't be challenged unless someone reports it to the police non emergency line: 101, or by making a report to the local Zone Warden Geoff Howlett via the WTC offices who will contact him on your behalf, or direct to the Zone 6 manager: 
    Lee Copping, 07967 692081

    Zone information for Wivenhoe is here:

  • If it were happening all the time I can understand a complaint, but if it is more like one-off student high-jinks I suspect the police might have more pressing matters to be getting on with.
  • Not worth crying over spilt milk, in our day we would set rockets off along roads, hold large roman candles and chuck jumping jacks in toilets and throw bangers everywhere........ was good fun in the 70s

  • They woke people in Hythe/Newtown/Greenstead area's of Colchester as well
  • Hedgiebit said:
    They woke people in Hythe/Newtown/Greenstead area's of Colchester as well
    and St Johns
  • I admit it woke me up, but it didn’t last long. Even as an officially grumpy middle aged man I know there has to be more to life than getting all worked up over something like that.
  • The problem is, it set off dogs, inc ours, which  woke other people up, (eg neighbours) and meant that i had to calm her down. There's also people who are scared of these noises.   I don't have problems with these kind of things going on, if I can prepare. I could've put a radio on for my
    Dog, which would not have impacted my neighbours, and my dog wouldn't have been stressed and children would've had a good nights sleep before school!!!
  • Firework display at 3am wakes frustrated residents.

    via The Gazette.
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