Holiday on the Shetland isles

Hi, I know this is the WIVENHOE forum, but I am looking for advice about holidaying on the Shetland isles. And I guessed out of 12,000 people someone was bound to have been there. Any advice, the best b and b , campsites, etc greatly appreciated . Regards Diane.


  • Look for Shetland webcams, then follow the links - loads of places advertised. The tourist information place has lots of info but they’re not especially dynamic. 

    Its a a cruise ship destination now, so Lerwick much changed and not the functional town that it was in the centre, lots of touristy places instead & up to 3 ships a day going in there some days.

    Otherwise, utterly gorgeous, hadn’t been since I worked there in the early 80s went back a few days ago and loved it even more than I did then. Stayed in Scalloway in the Scalloway hotel, was a pub and still is downstairs but nice rooms and fantastic food.

    Season shut at the end of September but was able to get into places like Jarlshof by just asking for the key at a nearby hotel. Scalloway castle was similarly available.
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