Crunch time for the opponents of the new town proposed by CBC and TDC

The case made for this development is inevitably highly technical. It is based on projections for population growth in north east Essex, on household formation rates, on assessments of the impact of additional transport movements, and so on. As far as I can tell, there have been strenuous objections from local residents, from the Wivenhoe Society and the Town Council. But these have not shifted Colchester Borough Council, Tendring District Council or the other local authorities involved in this scheme.

There is, however, one human resource available locally that has not been exploited. The Institute for Social and Economic Research on the campus of Essex University has members of staff who are experts in statistics, in economic forecasting and demography. Some of them must either live in Wivenhoe or be sympathetic to local objections. They have the skills needed to bring into serious question the calculations upon which CBC, TDC, etc., are acting.

They should be asked to help while there is still time to undermine the scheme.


  • Have you got contact details?
  • The details of the ISER's staff are available on its website. Some of them must be local residents and should be approached by WTC for their help. (The electoral register will help to identify them.)
  • Go to: for the ISER's staff list.
  • Given the latest statistics on population growth post-Brexit, it would seem there should be much less need to build so many new houses, and that's without allowing for the economy falling off a cliff, and the sharp reduction in available finance...?
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