Advice on living near pylons/cables needed please


I didn't know where to start on this but thought this was a good a place as any!

We've recently found a property in the countryside that we are really keen on. However, it's very close to power lines - there's a pylon very near by. There are three buildings on the land. The main one sits just over 100 m away from the wires, another 60 m and one sits pretty much right underneath it (people wouldn't be living in this one). We've overcome the aesthetic concern and any issue with noise but I'm wondering about the potential health risks. There is lots to find on the internet but nothing that I can find that looks like an official report. If anyone has any knowledge or information or can point us in the direction of any papers or anyone that might be a good person to consult about it I'd be really grateful. 

Many thanks for reading and any advice you might be able to offer,



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    Hi Kate,

    Here is a good summary with some supporting links:


  • Thanks NickT and Gribble :)

  • Here's the view from my workplace, the overhead lines go right over the top of the warehouse. I've worked here roughly ten hours a day, five days a week for at least ten years. I'll admit that during that time, I've had a couple of nasty chest infections, an operation to rasp some boney spurs out of one shoulder and a couple of weeks ago, I twisted my knee turning at the bottom of the stairs. Not one of these minor catastrophes were in any way attributable to the proximity of the overhead cables.

    If you really like the house in the country, buy it. The power lines will not affect your health, worrying about them, however, may turn you into a resident of The Lakes, especially if you read stuff written by fruit cakes without so much as a GCSE in science. If you need proof closer to home, keep an eye on the blocks of maisonettes near The Flag, they've been next to that pylon for somewhere near forty years. Count the number of instances of the residents being carted off in an ambulance or hearse.

    In your current dwelling, you probably have 230 volt cables powering the lights running through the ceiling only two feet from your head. You've probably never worried about the effects of the electric field on your health. The overhead lines at one hundred yards away are 150 times the distance and, assuming the inverse square law applies, they would have to carry 5 million volts to achieve the same field strength. That's more than ten times the highest line voltage used in the UK.

  • Marcel,

    What an incredible response! It made me smile :) . Hope your knee is feeling better. Those stairs are dangerous!! I broke my ankle by thinking I was on the last step when I had one more to go once ;)

    Thank you so much for going out of your way to reassure someone you've never even met - essentially saying go, be happy. Thank you, Kate
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