Car damaged while parked on Queens Road - any info please?

On returning home  today I was very annoyed and upset to find that someone has driven into my car, a black skoda octavia, while it was parked on Queens Road (in the first marked space at the end nearest to the Greyhound/High St). No note left on the car with details. :(

There is a severe scrape on the drivers side wheel arch - I think this looks like perhaps caused by a van or lorry rather than a smaller vehicle, but would welcome opinions!

I wonder if anyone local may have seen anything? I have asked our immediate neighbours who are in but they didn't unfortunately...

I think it's most likely this incident occurred today (Thursday 19th) sometime between 8am and 4.30pm, as I reckon I would have noticed walking past this morning if the damage had been there then. However I haven't driven it since Tuesday so there is a possibility it might have happened Wednesday...and I am wondering about the rubbish truck which is always a tight squeeze!

If anyone happened to see/hear anything I would really appreciate any info you can share...

Thanks good people of Wivenhoe!




  • Any paint left by the perpetrator? Colour? Can I see hint of red or maroon?
  • Unfortunately not that I could see... :(
  • Although it won't help this situation. I recommend a dash cam as it would of been activated.

    Plus it's a good send if you have a accident as proving fault is becoming impossible. 
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