Official Wivenhoe Desktop Wallpaper

Are you tired of not having a desktop wallpaper that blows your mind, body and soul away? Fear not! I have spent years agonizing over my professional graphic design setup to bring this masterpiece to life. This masterpiece was designed with precision and perfection in mind, I will not accept publishing any work that looks amateur or unprofessional.

Use with caution to avoid having your mind blown away.

Reply with feedback and share your own Wivenhoe themed desktop wallpapers.


  • feedback, ok, here goes.  A nice image and hd wallpaper is a must, but it would not suit me as a desktop wallpaper because-

    - too busy - it would distract me from work unless I only worked in fullscreen.
    - too many colours/tones - I use my desktop as a temporary space to hold the various files I am working on, because it is easy to move them around, group versions, etc. There are so many colours in that image I would lose files against the background, thus reducing the space I could arrange them to the sky area alone, which would not be helpful.
    - The text parts - massive distraction and mistakable at a glace for files so again, not helpful to me.
    - the subject matter - every time I saw it I’d want to go out down to the quay, and even though I’d resist, half my mind would be on what I’d do at the end of my work, rather than my task itself.

    I agree with @ColombianHouseWife that it’s a nice image, but for me at least, such an image it is not suitable to be my desktop wallpaper.   Given the last part of my feeedback, I can also say Wivenhoe has never featured in my wallpaper in the interests of reducing procrastination, neither has anything related to tea, chocolate or kettles!
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