Volunteers for Food Bank in Wivenhoe?

Hi All. Some dates for your diary are below in bold:

The Wivenhoe branch of the Colchester Food Bank will be officially launched on December 7th and will need to recruit a panel of volunteers to help it function. Initially, it will be open on Thursdays between  noon and 3pm and so we are looking for volunteers who can be available at this time to attend initially an open day to learn some more about how the Food Bank operates and then two further training sessions for those who are able to help.

 Some dates for your diary (all to be held at Wivenhoe Congregational Church, 101 High Street):

 9th November – Foodbank Information Day at 2pm for 1 hour

23rd November – First volunteer training session; 12.30 for 2 hours

30th November – Second volunteer training session; 12.30 for 2 hours

 Volunteers will be needed for front of house and also for administering food parcels. Front of house will require skill and experience in giving counsel to people who are often quite distressed, so there will need to be a selection process involved. Initially, a form would be completed and a reference requested.

We would welcome as many people as possible to the Information day on 9th November, where we will provide refreshments and an opportunity for you to find out if you can support the Food Bank in any way. 

You don't have to be a "Christian" to be involved. Just willing to spare some time and a kind heart with people in difficulty.

Come to the open day without obligation to find out more. Maybe you will know someone else who can help or perhaps you can discreetly attend on behalf of someone who needs help. It is not always easy to come forward.

Thanks for reading this.



  • For those of us who would like to help but aren't able to dedicate time on Thursdays (work commitments), will there be particular days/times/places for donations? At the moment I tend to pop things in the collection basket at the Hythe Tesco, but would be happy to drop bits off in a particular place in Wivenhoe.
  • Thanks @KatC.

    We will keep everyone updated on these issues but Colchester is the main depot so most if not all of the packaged food would have to go through there in order to control stock.

    One of the volunteer tasks would be the transportation of food to and from Colchester, so the more people we have on the volunteer rota, the more efficiently we can cover all the functions if we are well co-ordinated.

  • Great news! Well done to all those at the Congregational church who have helped make this happen. 

    So sad that there is a need for one in this supposed modern age. 
  • Hi, I would like to volunteer for this invaluable community resource- I can attend the information day and the second training day (if accepted as a volunteer), but not the 1st training day- will this be a problem? 
  • Hi @GVHM, no, I doubt that would be a problem.

    Apologies for the slow response - the post got pushed a long way down by new threads.
  • I'll be there.

    Debbie x
  • Well done folks.  I can't volunteer because of work but commend everyone who can and I will always support the initiative.
  • Bump. Even if you can't make it we would be really grateful for a few shares on social media.

    Thanks :-)
  • Re-bump.

    Why not come early and enjoy and enjoy a cuppa and a bacon butty prior to the 2pm start on Thursday?

    Just come and find out what help is needed. No obligation. 
  • Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to the people who turned up yesterday. There were 32 people in the church with apologies for absence from a few more interested parties.

    A heart warming response. Well done Wivenhoe!

    I'll get an email out today with contact details for Q&A but hope to see many of you again at the first training session at noon on 23rd November.

    We will provide a light lunch.
  • Oh - just a quick note to those who were wondering if there was a "demand" for a food bank outpost in Wivenhoe...

    Official figures for last year were that 49 adults and 20 children from Wivenhoe used the Colchester Food Bank.

    I will leave it for you to consider whether the effect of Universal Credit and other financial pressures, couples with the proximity and awareness of a local resource will increase these figures over time...
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