WTC October Meeting

Some headline points coming out of the WTC meeting held on 16 October.


Three residents from Fingringhoe requested to speak about the proposed 25m high phone mast on the opposite side of the river from Wivenhoe. This was turned down by CBC Planning but has gone to appeal. The land belongs to Anglian Water.

Claims were made from the Fingringhoe residents that the CBC consultation was "flawed." It was mentioned that residents in Fingringhoe and Wivenhoe were not made aware of the consultation. A figure of 12 was given for the number of Wivenhoe residents contacted by CBC.

WTC Mayor Mike Newton confirmed WTC is against the development. The Council will put in its own submission. The deadline for comments is 8 November.

LibDem Cllr Mark Cory of CBC was aware of the appeal and is now monitoring. He explained how Planning has been under his remit at CBC since June. He said that he will ask deeper questions to CBC Officers. He confirmed that if CBC has made a mistake then it should admit this.


Labour Cllr Julie Young was not present. She submitted a written report. She mentioned the problem of students parking at Feedham Close. Talks with ECC, Anglian Water and the Environment Agency about the damage from the August floods were continuing.

Cllr Young welcomed the opening of the new surgery on 23 October. She raised concerns about the parking arrangements.

An update was provided on the ECC home transport policy for schools. Cllr Young commented that this has failed to deliver the proposed savings.

Cllr Andrea Vaughan of WTC had some questions to send back to Cllr Young. She wanted to know if Cllr Kevin Bentley of ECC had been chased about the cost of the Repair Cafe to use the library.

Cllr Vaughan added that the use of Wivenhoe S106 money to repair flood damage had been discussed at WTC's Planning meeting. The view was that this should not be spent on damage caused by other agencies. Cllr Nick Tile of WTC added that he had evidence that Anglian Water was aware of the potential issue prior to the flooding.


Labour Cllr Rosalind Scott was not in attendance. Another written report was submitted. She said that she attended CBC Cabinet and spoke in favour of the WTC bid for Gothic House. The advice to Cabinet was to reject this bid on legal grounds.

Cllr Scott urged WTC to make a submission to the CBC Right Homes in the Right Places consultation. Her report added that planning enforcement is taking up her time.

The written submission also referenced the £700,000 that central government has allocated for the Essex Garden Villages.

The Colchester Borough of Sanctuary status was mentioned by Cllr Scott. She asked WTC to consider making Wivenhoe a Town of Sanctuary to welcome refugees.

Cllr Vaughan had some questions to present to Cllr Scott. The Right Homes in the Right Places document was "terrifyingly large." Cllr Vaughan said WTC doesn't have the resources to make a submission. She asked for the borough Cllr's to make a response on behalf of WTC.

Comments were also made by Cllr Vaughan regarding Cllr Scott's Garden Village update. Cllr Vaughan said that WTC need more detail but it "won't make any difference."

Cllr Kevin Read of WTC asked for some clarification on the dates for CBC Local Plan submission. Cllr Cory said that if the CBC Local Plan is submitted by March then you are seen as a "good, functioning Council." The extra houses figures from central government won't be imposed upon you.

Cllr Cory added that as long as the CBC Local Plan is submitted by March then any extra houses for Wivenhoe won't be imposed if the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan isn't submitted by then.

Cllr Asa Aldis of WTC asked about the possible March submission for the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan. He was concerned that this would be out of the CBC / ECC election cycle, ie costing money to hold a referendum.

Labour Cllr Phil Finn of WTC offered to look into the Town of Sanctuary idea.


Labour's Cllr Cyril Liddy updated with his work for the past month. He has received complaints from residents about the removal of the white lines along Station Road following the resurfacing work.

Labour colleague Cllr Mike Lilley from Old Heath and the Hythe ward contacted Cllr Liddy earlier in the day about an incident that took place in Rowhedge on Sunday. It has been reported that some young people fired ballbearings from possibly a catapult from Wivenhoe over to Rowhedge. Windows in the Anchor pub were smashed. The police are investigating.

Cllr Liddy added that a new planning application has been submitted to convert a building behind the Park Hotel into a one bed studio flat. There was some confusion in the chamber about the status of this application.

Cllr Liddy concluded by saying that he would be joining Cllr Vaughan and Peter Kay to represent WTC at the Paget Road Inquiry that opens on Wednesday in Chelmsford.


LibDem Cllr Cory of CBC presented his report. He explained that he attempted to convince his CBC Cabinet colleagues to consider the WTC bid for Gothic House, but he couldn't stop it. Labour's Cllr Liddy came in with a point of order claiming that it was a "unanimous decision" by Cabinet to reject the bid. Cllr Cory said "I know what I did. I tried to win the argument in the pre-Cabinet meeting."

Two instances of problems dogs have been investigated by Cllr Cory. One at Lower Lodge Farm and one at the KGV. The CBC Dog Officer has suggested a PSPO. Cllr Cory said that he that he thought this was a draconian measure.

Cllr Cory confirmed that £25,000 is in the bank for Wivenhoe youth facilities at the Philip Road surgery. This was awarded by CBC back in 2016 as part of Big Choice. The plan is to use this for the multi-use games area. There are access issues to overcome with the surgery.


WTC Transport Correspondent Peter Kay commented on the new 24m train length. He explained how these will widen the gap between train and platform at Wivenhoe. The current carriage length is 20m.

The audit of Wivenhoe by Network Rail was questioned by Peter. He claimed that this was a "two minute exercise."

A very convincing legal argument regarding Paget Road was then explained by Peter. It is probably best not to disclose this ahead of the start of the Inquiry...


The co-option procedure for WTC to replace ex-Cllr Ian Endean was debated. WTC has been at deadlock over this. Four candidates have emerged. Three options were offered: a secret ballot, a signed ballot or a show of hands. Cllr Aldis explained how the standard Parish procedure is for a secret ballot.

Cllr Sanchia Nash proposed that a secret ballot be used. This was carried with 8 Cllr's in favour. Labour Cllr's Phil Finn and Chris Singleton didn't vote on this. A date for the ballot to take place will be arranged by the Town Clerk.


Cllr Vaughan updated on how the WTC Planning Committee has received an application to convert the old surgery into two dwellings. Objections have been made on road access grounds.


The Estates Committee has been approached by three local teenagers with plans to improve the KGV skateboard park. Cllr Read urged WTC to work with these young folk. It was agreed for the Estate Manager to look into the ideas.

Mayor Cllr Newton explained how the Colchester Academy has offered for free a new garage to WTC. This would need to be transported and assembled in front of the Scout Hut, replacing the current paper shed. The cost would be £2,500. WTC agreed to accept this offer.


The Mini Bus Working Party put forward the proposal to buy a second hand bus to replace the current model. This has been costed at £7,991+VAT. This money comes out of a ring-fenced account made up of donations and the Mayor's Fund. It currently stands at £30,000.

A figure of £37,000 was quoted for a new bus. The old bus is unlikely to pass the next MOT. It was agreed unanimously to go ahead with the purchase. Cllr Phill Booth added that leasing the bus in three years time may be an option.


Cllr Aldis updated over the Wivenhoe Museum. This is now closed for the winter. He is hopeful of setting up a Friends' Group. An increase in items being donated has led to the welcome issue of future storage.


WTC accepted the offer from a resident to volunteer time to become a fund raiser for the Council.

Cllr Aldis updated that he is helping out the University Student Union as the Returning Officer.


A lengthy meeting...


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    An EGM of the Town Council has been called for 25 October.

    On the agenda: Co-option of a New Member.

    Four candidates have stepped forward.
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    Sarah Hoy was co-opted as the Wivenhoe Town Councillor to replace Ian Endean at an EGM at the Town Council office on Wednesday evening.

    Four candidates put themselves forward to be considered. WTC agreed the process of a secret ballot at the Full Council meeting the week before.

    The candidates were:

    Graham Bennett

    Alan Charmock

    Ildi Clarke and

    Sarah Hoy

    Mayor Mike Newton explained the process. Each candidate would give a three minute presentation. Five minutes were set aside for questions. Other candidates were not in the room whilst this was taking place.

    An absolute majority vote of the twelve Town Cllr's was needed. If need be, a second and third ballot would take place.

    Three strong presentations took place. A statement was read out on behalf of Graham Bennett who was unable to attend.

    The existing Town Cllr's then held a discussion about the merits of each candidate. I excused myself from the room for this part of the meeting.

    The outcome was that Sarah Hoy was elected after the first ballot.

    Mayor Newton congratulated all candidates on having the courage to stand. Cllr Andrea Vaughan suggested that the other candidates be encouraged to join various WTC Committees as lay members, where appropriate.

    Congratulations to Cllr Hoy.

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  • Congratulations councillor Hoy! 
  • Is any information available about our new Councillor?  Or, if you read this Forum Sarah, perhaps you could introduce yourself?
  • The office is in correspondence with our new Councillor and will be updating the website asap as soon as we have the appropriate details. We are all very excited about welcoming Cllr. Hoy to the WTC team!


    WTC Office
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