How to be a (bad?) bird watcher

With apologies for quoting Simon Barnes's excellent book...

I am considering running a few events on my own (ie independent of Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife) in response to some interest shown, two of which are:
Find that bird! A day out locally with a challenge to find a particular bird (or birds!) that you would like to see. We could combine 2 or 3 requests into one day out.

Class(es) on bird identification and birding skills, ranging from how to distinguish garden birds to how you can plan and enjoy a day where you can successfully identify 100+ species.

I could probably combine the two exercises...

As usual, it depends on who is interested. I would need to charge a small fee to cover time and other expenses but probably a fair bit less than it would cost anywhere else. Let me know and I will put something together.

I am out most Sunday mornings so as long as you are capable of walking up to 8 miles on a good day and can get up early, you could always join me for a taste of what is involved ;-)

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