Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife Photo Competition 2017: The Results

I am pleased to present below most of the winners and runners-up of the #WildWivenhoe photo competition, as announced at AutumnWatch last week. We hope you enjoy them and feel inspired to celebrate, enjoy and protect our wonderful surroundings. Congratulations must go to the overall Winner Lesley Hampton and Runner-up Helen Chambers (by public vote), and our thanks to everyone who made it such a success: 166 entries over all five categories, from 22 photographers!

A. Wildlife and wild spaces on Wivenhoe Town Council land

Winner: Jan Sheldon

Runner-up: Sue Miller

B. Identifiably WildWivenhoe

Winner: Pippa Allerton

Runner-up: Alice Harker

C. Close-up nature 

Winner, and overall Runner-up: Helen Chambers

Runner-up: Bob Komara

Runner-up: Mo Jackson

Runner-up: Helen Chambers

Runner-up: Sue Miller

D. Not quite there. ...

Winner: Sue Minta

Runner-up: Pippa Allerton

Runner-up: Adrian Multon

E. And anything else

Winner, and overall Winner: Lesley Hampton

Runner-up: Mark Halladay

Runner-up: Mo Jackson

Runner-up: Pippa Allerton

Also, Mike Mitchell was a Runner-up for his photo of a Cuckoo.


  • Thanks to all who showed their appreciation at the Sailing Club and indeed before and since the event.

    There is an autumn stroll planned for Sunday 29th October and that will be it for 2017.

    Next year ther will be fewer WWW events due to a number of factors, not least of which is that it is difficult for all of us to regularly commit time.

    On a separate thread, I have a couple of ideas for consideration that I can run on my own...

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