Town Drain

Anyone know what is going on with the stream (old Town Drain). Saw large group including ECC Highways and their contractor at end of Brook Street by Old Fire Station inspecting it around 3pm Tuesday. 


  • It has got very congested with silt/mud son would imagine they are going to dredge it...
  • The answer is that a meeting took place involving:

    Councillors from WTC, CBC, ECC.

    Officers from ECC, ECC Highways, Environment Agency, Anglia Water.

    Residents and local businesses.

    The agenda was to look at flooding, including events of 9 August, and to look at what further work is necessary (e.g. drain surveys) to determine how improvements can be made, and who might be responsible for the work.

    Expect to see more people around the area in the near future.

    I did attend the meeting and I hope that is a reasonably accurate summary of what was discussed.



  • Mike
    Thanks for clear answer.
    Think Glyn's answer could be most of the solution.
    Ditches and hedges always used to get cleared out every Autumn by their riparian owners, now it takes 20 people standing around and no doubt endless reports to get anything done!
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