Colchester Cancer Appeal

A generous benefactor has purchased four tickets (price £70 each) for the Wivenhoe House Dinner (10th November) in aid of the Colchester Hospital Cancer Centre appeal which he wishes to auction. Bids above a reserve of £60 are invited for a pair of these tickets. All the proceeds of the auction will go to the Appeal and - to further encourage bidders - another generous benefactor has agreed to match any money raised.


  • Hi, I should add the tickets include a pre-dinner drink, a three course meal, with vegetarian option and a half bottle of wine, or soft drinks, per person.

    Happy bidding and as stated every penny goes towards this wonderful cause.

  • Hi, 

    i am happy to open the bidding at £100 for a pair.

    thank you

  • Hi Terry, That's excellent, thanks from all at the appeal, come on folks keep the bidding going!

  • How is the bidding going?
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