Christmas charity shoeboxes 2017

I hope I'm posting this in the right part of the forum, but I apologise if not!

This year I've volunteered as an "Area Collector" for the Link to Hope Christmas shoebox appeal. This basically means that I'm acting as a drop-off point for anyone who wants to donate a filled shoebox that the charity will be sending out to Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria. You can make either a "Family" shoebox or an "Elderly" shoebox with no differentiation between ages and genders, it's not a case of making a box for "Teenage Boy" or "Primary school girl". 

There has been a lot of controversy over the years about whether charities use these shoeboxes for evangelical work. Link to Hope has categorically stated that they do not give out any literature with the shoeboxes, or demand that people attend classes that aim to convert them. In some areas the largest community space is the church, which is used as a place for people to collect shoeboxes, but they also utilise halls, schools, and deliver door to door. They also visit orphanages, hospitals and some refugee centres (such as ones in Ukraine for people that have fled the conflict in Crimea, a few years ago they found one for Syrian refugees in Bulgaria and managed to collect enough extra shoeboxes to give them to every family residing there), and basically give out shoeboxes based on need, not religion.

If you'd like to get involved there's an FAQ page, and a Guide to filling a shoebox (including a list of things you can't include such as medicine, seeds, alcohol, food apart from sweets, and books). The shoeboxes need to be at the charity's depot in Worthing by 10 November, so I'd need them by that date.

If you'd like to drop a shoebox or several off then just PM me on here, alternatively my details are on the "Getting Shoeboxes to us" list (I'm "Nr Colchester"). I'll be making several shoeboxes myself and I've had a few phonecalls from other people checking that I'm collecting this year (this corner of Essex hasn't had an area collector before now, I moved here in March but used to have a collector near me in Hertfordshire that I used to drop mine off with so I've been donating shoeboxes to them for several years now).

If you have any questions please do ask!


  • Sorry if "bumping" isn't allowed. I thought I would give this a little nudge as it's less than a month to the deadline. I've already had a delivery of shoeboxes from someone in Clacton, and mine are coming together.

    If you'd like to join in with a shoebox then it needs to be with me by Friday 10 November!
  • Hi there! My email is  could I have a drop off address please. I'm looking at this weekend 
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