Hummingbird Hawkmoth

For the wildlife lovers out there, just thought I'd report a hummingbird hawkmoth which took full advantage of the last of the buddliea blooms in our rear garden. It's an impressive creature. I have pictures but without zoom not very impressive


  • Wow! That's the best thing I've read on this forum in months -how exciting:-) I've only ever seen them in France before. Thanks for sharing the news!
  • Thanks for reporting. Butterfly Conservation is running an online survey for reports of this and Painted Lady butterfly which you might like to fill in

    It is really useful to record such things, as they tell us a lot about what is happening to our climate. Yes, it is changing, but given the prevalent attitudes of denial in certain parts of the world (largely based on the desire not to upset the rich oil baron friends of the powerful politicians) we need all evidence we can muster to speak up for the Earth and Nature.

    This summer looks like being a record one for sightings, or thereabouts. Their irruptions here are becoming more frequent and numerous, as one would expect with a warming world, but they have not yet reached the stage where they can survive a British winter.
  • One from the archive ;-)

    There have been quite a few this summer. They seem to favour Red Valerian above all else. They could be seen right through til October, as the copied post above testifies.

    Look out also for Clouded Yellow butterflies - equally charismatic immigrants.

  • spotted something small and brown with darker spots on the end of the upper wings in the old cemetery that I don't recall seeing in there before this morning. 

    Nowhere near as spectacular as the the previous sightings though !! 
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