Three mobile phone network in Wivenhoe

Hi just looking to upgrade my phone , has anyone got experience using the Three network in Wivenhoe , particularly the Lower Wivenhoe area ? Supposed to be good coverage according to their website. But I know in the past their coverage was poorer than other providers




  • it never worked for me, i swapped to EE for the ipad, and o2 for the phone
  • Vodaphone (call/data) / O2 (data) not so good up top of Wivenhoe
  • I have a Three  sim card on a backup phone. I estimate no signal for 50% of the time day or night. Curiously, I get an excellent signal in and beyond the windfarm at Clacton. They are very cheap though through ID (Carphone Warehouse). Pay monthly from £3mth.
  • Three works inside and out by the river and the Quay. It's only one or two signal bars, but sometimes gets 4G. Plus it's got the 'WiFI calling' thing on iPhone if you're home so you can still make/receive calls.

    I've found signals on all networks to be low or patchy around Lower Wivenhoe. EE is probably least-worst in strength, but it is pricey and its customer service a little off. 

    Vodafone was non-existent but appears to have popped up a mast somewhere so there's now coverage. And they've got the Sure Signal devices to use at home (and desperate for customers so some decent deals to be had online).
  • Lower wivenhoe is terrible for any network im with o2 an o2 reckons should b 4g down here haha no chance I've moaned at them time n time again but it doesnt change. Great for calls n texts tho.
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