Seeds from Erigeron karvinskianus

Anybody with Erigeron karvinskianus - Fleabane commonly - who could spare some seeds?  This is the small white daisy that seeds itself in walls and rocks, not the lawn daisy.
Seeds/seed heads please, or any spare plants to propagate for a green roof.


  • Hi.

    I have erigeron in my garden. I'd happily give you a few plants. It grows so fast and self seeds everywhere, I'm sure I won't miss them.

    I'm in central Colchester. You'd be welcome to pop by anytime. 

  • I've got this and have found the best way to get more plants is to let it spread itself. I've collected seeds a couple of times and had very poor germination rates, so I'd recommend getting small  plants. But if you want to try seeds you are welcome to come and collect some (when it's dry!). 
  • Hi Louise,
    Have sent a PM.  Monday evening?

    Thanks Moira,
    Would like to try some seeds if you have some ready.  Can you PM me if you manage to collect some? Thanks for your response.

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