Wivenhoe / Colchester-based 5 or 6-a-side team


I've recently moved to Wivenhoe and I'm looking to join a local 5 or 6-a-side football team. 

If anyone knows of a team in need of an extra on-field player that plays on a weeknight, please don't hesitate to give me a shout. What I might lack in scoring goals, I'll make up for in enthusiasm, dependability and punctuality!




  • Hi James,
    Welcome to the town! I don't think there is a team or league here in Wivenhoe, but I think some of the lads may play in one at either the university (which is a site for one of the Powerleague type leagues) or in Brightlingsea.  If you get yourself down to the Station pub of a weekend, you will undoubtedly meet someone who plays!
  • I know there's a 'Wivenhoe Old Boys' who I think play on the King George Park pitch on Sundays, but I don't know when their season begins, or who to contact, but hopefully someone on here will know...?
  • @puffin I believe that has recently ceased unfortunately due to lack of participants, according to Matt Canfield (who played regularly).

  • Thanks for the suggestions @Sads79 and @Puffin! I'll try and get down to the Station Pub over the weekend (any excuse!) and ask around. Shame to hear that the Wivenhoe Old Boys have stopped playing, as it sounds like I meet the criteria - if they need another player feel free to send them my way

  • Sorry to hear that the 'Old Boys' are no longer playing, as I used to look out for their results in the Gazette: it was a real treat when they won ( a bit like Wivenhoe Town these days!).
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