Suspicious midnight activity

Hi All.

Just to let you know we had an unfamiliar car pull up outside our house at 11.45. A young man in a hoodie got out after a couple of minutes and walked out the end of the road. After a couple more minutes he got back the car, which then slowly, hesitantly pulled away, out of the end of the road but then parked again just around.tge corner to where another house had a For Sale sign outside it, as has our neighbour's house.

As I walked out to see what was going on, the same young man walked back into our road and straight down the drive of our neighbour's house! I'm not sure if he saw me but he walked away fairly smartly from the neighbour's drive, by which time I was on the phone to the police.

The car was a dark Vauxhall Vectra on a 56 plate (the police have asked me not to disclose the full number) but can I ask that we be vigilant and particularly be on the lookout for people checking out houses for sale late at night...


  • What part of Wivenhoe are you in Glyn?
  • All.

    Please report any (suspicious) sightings of this car to Essex Police on 101.

    If you have any resistance from the folks at 101, tell them that WTC asked you to call it in.



  • @PaulB, I don't think it will end up being relevant as to what part of the town I live in, as.I got the distinct impression that they were looking for houses that were for sale.
  • Glyn might well be right as the police are on the look-out for two guys from Chelmsford in connection with that shooting - trying to hide in an empty house somewhere isn't beyond the bounds of possibility ...
  • Thanks Nick but for reasons I won't disclose at this stage, I am pretty sure these people are more locally based and probably not dangerous. They have previously seen and reported and I believe the police know who they are.

    I wouldn't want people to worry unduly so hopefully we will get an update from the police soon. 
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