Blues on the Quay with Martin McNeill 7th August 3pm-5.30pm

Goodtime blues from singer and slide guitarist MARTIN McNEILL. On the quay if the weather's good, inside the pub if it's raining.{"ref":"29","ref_notif_type":"plan_user_invited","action_history":"null"}&notif_t=plan_user_invited&notif_id=1501617659391135


  • Fantastic !  I've known Martin for years, and can tell you he's an amazing bottle-neck blues guitarist.  Go if you're able !
  • How come it's on a Monday? We can't go as we'll be at work.
  • Yep, Monday seems a strange choice.  Are we sure this is the right date...?  ;)
  • seems whoever did the booking at the Rose & Crown was insistent that it WAS the Bank Holiday date.  Which it is, in Scotland.  If someone could convince them otherwise...maybe the booking could be changed for a more appropriate date.
  • Ah, well...   Looks like I'll be part of a smaller audience this time!  ;)
  • I regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled.

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