Another Town Council Election ?

Notice that another councillor has resigned.


  • Notice of election [pdf]

    1st August is the date for any local party that wants to rally the troops and come up with the list of ten names once again.

    What price democracy, etc.
  • Ooh no not again
  • Co-opt?  Or possibly struggle on with only twelve Councillors until the next election?

    Only joking;  lets blow another £3,000 on yet another election;  just make sure it's during the school holidays, heard it rumoured that Broomgrove Polling Station is occasionally used as a School!
  • Please let us have a co-option
  • Let's hope sanity will prevail this time round.
  • Marika said:
    Let's hope sanity will prevail this time round.
    How much you want to bet a certain party will force an election in view of the Garden Development ?
    Unless of course they can nod their own candidate through
  • I'm loving the way everyone hates democracy these days. We don't want local elections because they're too expensive and we don't want a 2nd EU referendum because the "will of the British people" was set in aspic on June 23rd 2016.

    Let's try dictatorship instead. :)

  • ^^Godwin
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    Democracy gave us Trump.  :|

    And Hitler.  :/
  • How is it undemocratic to use a law made by a democracy (ability to co-opt) so as to avoid bankrupting a local council?
  • Jason said:
    I made no mention of that bloke with the funny tashe. ;-)

  • Marika said:
    How is it undemocratic to use a law made by a democracy (ability to co-opt) so as to avoid bankrupting a local council?

    I may be wrong and will no doubt be corrected, but as I understand it five of the thirteen councillors elected in 2015 are no longer serving and we are just over halfway, with the next election due in 2019?

    Obviously we could now be looking at a third Town Council by-election in the space of a year at a total cost of somewhere in the region of £9,000 (could have been higher!).

    I know there will be those that argue "what price democracy" just stick it on the council tax, we can afford it, but surely anyone who wants to serve on WTC must want what is best for the Town (village).  

    I really don't see that spending three grand a pop on by-elections is the best way forward when it could probably be more usefully employed elsewhere, take your pick, play area, skate park, recycling centre...?. 

    Maybe there should be a slightly higher threshold for calling a by-election, either in terms of number of signatures needed or vacant seats in the council chamber?
  • The larger the Council the more likely it is that some one will drop out mid term,  Do we really need 13 Councillors?  Wivenhoe Town Council has very few powers.
  • Perhaps we need to elect "reserve councillors" so that there is a list of elected people and an order in which to approach them as and when the need arrises mid term?
  • I think you need to remember that all WTC Councillors are volunteers, and sometimes due to circumstances things have to be given up, be it work commitments etc.
  • There were two unsuccessful Labour candidates at the last election. Co-opting one of them might prevent an unwanted election. Just putting it out there.... >:)

  • @adrian Good shout. Playing double or quits with the WTC finances is a popular game in local Labour party circles right now.
  • Apologies, I shouldn't be mischievous as this is a serious matter. There were calls to co-opt the unsuccessful independant candidates earlier this year, so there is a precendent - but I would not seriously endorse doing so simply to head off Labour attempts to hold another election (assuming any such attempts are in the pipeline..?)

  • adrian said:
    There were two unwanted Labour candidates at the last election. Co-opting one of them might prevent an unsuccessful election. Just putting it out there.... >:)

    I've correct that for you
  • At the risk of splitting hairs there is a slight difference in that the call to co-opt the two unsuccessful independent candidates was in order to replace another two independent candidates.  Things were then complicated by the third resignation.  Whilst it is true that there were two unsuccessful Labour candidates it was an impossibility for there to  been three, given that there were three vacancies.  Personally I'm not quite so worried about party political rosettes as I am about that blasted Mega City proposal and would be more concerned about any candidates stance on it and any potential conflict that may have with what may be best for Wivenhoe versus any given party line, regardless of rosette colour.
  • my vote is with Jellyhead
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    Thank the chuffers for that.

    No request for an election was received in response to the publication of the Notice of Vacancy on 12 July. It therefore falls to the Town Council to fill the vacancy by means of co-option.
    The appointment should be made as soon as practicable and the person appointed will have to make the Declaration of Acceptance of Office in accordance with the statutory requirements and complete a Register of Interests form in the normal way.
  • Good. I believe this is the best option for Wivenhoe.
  • Small parish councils should operate like a quorum. Councillors leave down to an agreed level and then call an election/co-opt on.
  • If you interested in joining the council then please contact the town clerk (or see WTC notice board) for details.

    Tel: 01206 822864

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