Ever seen a Glow worm?

Come to Cockaynes community wild life site on Friday evening, 7th July from 9pm - 11.30pm, and maybe you will see one. Last year the wardens found over 46 of the glowing females. Who knows how many we will find this year?

Meet (and park) in the Weighbridge Yard, which is 300 metres through the road entrance gate by the railway bridge on Alresford Road. You'll need sturdy shoes and something warm to wear (and possibly a small torch to find your car at the end). Bat detectors welcome. Donations appreciated. Hot chocolate drinks available at the start but beware there are no toilets.

Find us Facebook. Look for Cockaynes Wood Trust.

Join the Wivenhoe Society for a guided walk this Sunday afternoon, or Chris Gibson and the WWW group on Saturday 15th July.


  • Only ever seen one and that was 20 odd years ago . Well worth seeing 
  • Saw quite a few last year (for the first time!), so fingers crossed...!
  • We saw a few glow worms (a type of beetle) on last night's walk plus a few bats, identified as pipistrelles (not identified by me!) and lot of different moths. The air was really still over the reserve; the only noise was an occasional sound from a duck, coot, moorhen and an owl.

    We are keen to raise the profile of Cockaynes Wood Trust and our community wild life reserve. Join the guided walk around our 50 acres of different habitats either Sunday 9th July at 2.30pm or with Chris Gibson and the WWW group on Saturday 15th July.

    To give you an idea how large this site of a former quarry is, the whole of lower Wivenhoe, up to the Park Hotel, would fit into it!  But don't get worried, no houses will ever get built on it.      
  • Is the walk on Saturday 15th July at 2.30 too?

  • No. 10.00 AM. See separate thread
  • Thanks Chris!

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