Downstream of the Yacht Club, mats of vegetation stranded by the recent high tides are studded with huge numbers of crab skeletons.  Typically 2cm across back; a few larger.  Density typically several hundred per square metre [I didn't go three-dimensional ..] Very good examples near both gates and near the wonderful blue seat by Alresford Creek.  It may be a very common phenomenon, but not to me nor the passers by I bearded like an Ancient Mariner.  Worth a look and a  ponder on Ma Nature's prodigality. [The shoe in the photo is to give scale ...]


  • Isn't it the annual moult - I think he crabs grow a new soft shell, lose the smaller old one and then expand into the new ...
  • Those look like whole dead crabs to me - not just the external moult.
  • These disintegrated and crumbled to quite a gentle touch, which is why we were confused. The body of the crab had almost nothing in it. 
  • The same phenomenon was in evidence at Brightlingsea on Sunday after a recent high tide.  Thousands of small crabs washed up and subsequently dried up
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