More First bus changes

After digesting complaints about the April service pattern, First have now registered some changes from the end of August which will eliminate the two most daft things in the current service:

The weekday daytime 62As to the Cemetery will become 62s to the station via the normal route.

The Sunday 62s from Colchester will revert to the normal route ie via The Avenue.

THUS the Avenue and Coop stops will revert to having 4 direct First buses an hour from as well as to Colchester, and the stops below the Coop will again have direct buses both ways, albeit 2ph instead of 4ph pre-April (but they will have 6 buses ph in total instead of 4ph in total).

** It has also just been advised by the University that the dreaded humps will be replaced by more moderate humps very shortly!


  • Very welcome news- Thanks Peter
  • Will this stop the buses chasing each other down Belle Vue road to the Coop and or the reverse, so if you miss one bus you are likely to miss them both?

  • 62, 62A, 62B   -  It is very confusing.  Will the bus labelled 62 still go to Brightlingsea?  What will the version of the 62 going to Wivenhoe Station be called?  Could First not think of a different number for the Brightlingsea bus?
  • Jan V is I assume referring  to Bsea 62s and 87s? On that front, First also mentioned that they propose to make some 'changes to 62 timings' - not specified but it would be no surprise if this means altering it do that the 62s are back a few mins in front of the 87s again!

    They have decided that the daytime buses to the stn will be 62a and the evening loop buses change to 62b. This will help maximise confusion.......
  • Why do not have a evening service to the station. 
  • They stopped the evening service to the station some years back owing to too many cars in lower Wivenhoe. [The man who does the schedules was driving himself one night and 'got stuck' at Stn Rd / rly bridge!) But in fact the current 62a schedule is very tight, particularly in the early evening (it often goes to pot Fridays), so extension to the station [extra 3-4 mins running time] is not poss in timing terms either, unless it were reduced from a 20 min service to a 30 min service.
  • Not only do the 62a and 87 follow each other but the 62 that has waited at the cemetery often follows on behind. Also if one is coming the other way they sometimes have to mount the pavement if there are parked cars at that point.  
  • Sounds like we have ourselves a convoy: now, how did the rest of that song go?  Something about a rubber duck, wasn't it...?  ;)
  • Anyone with a pass bus, season ticket etc, get the first bus app on your phone. I use it to change buses at the uni when the 61 is behind. Works well.   
  • Any chance they could run more "quieter, cleaner, greener" buses, Some of the older double deckers are very noisy, especially in low gear. With windows open at night this hot weather, the early and late buses are very disturbing.

  • No more Sunday Colchester Rover tickets, not sure if the evening cheap tickets are still available
  • kstkst
    edited July 16
    Found the page. No more cheap evening tickets either
    From 16 July 2017

    Area-based Evening/Sunday Saver tickets 

    Following discussions with commercial bus service providers, the decision was taken to remove three tickets that are out of line with the bus fares in Essex.  These tickets are:

    • Chelmsford - Evening Saver and Sunday Saver
    • Colchester - Evening Saver and Sunday Saver
    • Harlow - Evening Saver
  • This could be a good alternative on Sundays for some <span>:-1:</span>
    The above tickets are not to be confused with the Essex Sunday Saver, which remains available at great value for £4 per adult, £2 per child and £8 per family.   
    (Family tickets can be used by 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children.)
  • 61 and 87 DIVERSIONS MONDAY AND TUESDAY 17th -18th

    [No useful information at all provided by bus operators anywhere, online or at stops!]

    61 towards Wivenhoe is running via Balk Hill / Southway owing to Queen St closure, it is in principle picking up in Osborne St, but due to chaos there is best to go to Military Rd stop.

    87 towards Bsea  - conflicting info. Only safe thing is to board it at Bus Stn stop AE on its way in. [At which point it may be showing X76 COLCHESTER]. Some are going down High St / E Hill, others are not going beyond Osb St and back out via Magd St as usual.

    ALSO from 0930 to 1530 Mon Tues Weds, Hythe Stn Rd is closed, so the only buses going via Tesco stops are 62 both ways and 74 76 inwards.


    re Sunday rover tkts, am awaiting hearing from First whether the 3.80 Colchester rover tkts are now issued on Suns as well as the 4.00 all Essex tkt.
  • Got sold a £3.80 Colch rover ticket last Sunday (16th July)
  • Just the simplest of journeys is like a magical mystery tour now, especially with the Colchester road closures for the last couple of days without warning (and that's from a "blessed" Upper-Hoe resident). I'm glad I have understanding bosses going into work (for now). But I'm not so happy on the way home when I have things planned. I could go into a rant about this but life is too short... it will probably all change again tomorrow and we will be none the wiser anyway!
  • JanV said:
    Any chance they could run more "quieter, cleaner, greener" buses, Some of the older double deckers are very noisy, especially in low gear. With windows open at night this hot weather, the early and late buses are very disturbing.

    Completely agree, it's the older First double deckers that sound like they're in 1st gear all the time. Newer double deckers are being phased in, but I haven't paid enough attention to see whether they are quieter. 

    Sadly most of the vehicles in service round here are hand-me-downs from cities that are clamping down on emissions, so we almost certainly have some of the most polluting buses. First does use new single deckers on our routes sometimes which I assume are low emission (known as Euro 6), I guess they're too small to run at busier times though. 
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