This is the waste calendar that was recently sent to residents via post.

@jason Are you able to pin this please so that it is easily accessible?


  • Note that the leaflet doesn't mention that you have to fill out a voucher to get the white garden sacks from stockists (including Wivenhoe Town Council office).

    The link is currently available here - https://beta.colchester.gov.uk/info/cbc-article/?catid=new-rubbish-collections&id=KA-01083

    However that's the beta for the new website so that link may stop working at a later date.
  • Once you get the code you can use it more than once
  • I tried the link but the page couldn't be found. Tried the main website link for Colchester gov but the link from there wasn't working so I phoned 01206 282700. The phone was answered immediately and an email with my coupon sent to my email address. Brilliant.  It gives you 14 days to use the coupon and you are able to request 4 new bags each year but guess you hsve to get a new coupon each year.
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