Consultations on Colchester and Tendring Draft Local Plans

Consultation has now started on the draft Local Plans for both Colchester and Tendring.

For Colchester see

For Tendring

Colchester has not published Part I (the Part shared with Tendring and Braintree) separately whereas Tendring has two different documents (this is on a very hasty review of what is available)


  • As is always the case with LG documents, it's size precludes engagement by the vast majority of people. I've got a PhD and am a policy reader and researcher, and even I'm rebelling at the thought of reading 261 pages plus supplementary documents.

    I wonder if there's room to parcel out the reading to a team, who can try and summarise each section of the main document and each supplementary document in a paragraph, to make a more edible version for people to read?
  • Brillent idea Treestump. I don't have a PhD and l'm dreading reading this. WTC has also been offered a training session on how to respond to the online consultation, which goes to prove even CBC acknowledge it isn't straight forward.
    But I can't stress enough how important it is to respond. Would you be willing to be on the team? If so can you pm me please. 
    Same for anyone else that's interested in helping out.
  • I can certainly help with a section - meetings I struggle with. I'll PM.
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