Can anyone recommend a cleaner?

Can anyone recommend a cleaner who is consistent, thorough and reliable?  We're looking for someone to do a 2 hour weekly clean on a Wednesday afternoon/evening.  Preferably an individual not a cleaning company.  Any recommendations very much appreciated!


  • Hi: I can recommend a wonderful cleaner/carer who has started coming to me in Wiv for 2 hours every two weeks, but she can only do Mondays. Any chance you could swap your days, Sarah?
  • Hi Charmaine - thanks very much for the suggestion but unfortunately it has to be a Monday :-(  Thanks anyway.

  • Hi: Cindy is only free to clean/care on Mondays in Wivenhoe. I'm a bit confused now, Sarah, as you mentioned Wednesday and then Monday in your posts! I'm finding it hard to even do the washing up in this heat, so I'm not sure how Cindy manages to whizz round the house like a dervish, but she does.
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