Smart Home Protection

I've just been called by a gentlemen arranging home visits by a company named Smart Home Protection.
He described the amazingly cheap offer and all the benefits such a system would provide. 

There are plenty of providers good and bad, so It is never a good idea to react to these "offers" without doing your homework first.

As he said the company were working in the Wivenhoe area I thought it may be useful to send out this general reminder so we can make sure our neighbours, relatives and community don't get rushed into a hasty decision.    

1. Ask yourself if you really need the service
2. Check on the internet about feedback about a company from existing clients.  
3. Work out what you make be letting yourself in for. Total cost, length of contract etc.
4. Don't let them panic you into a sale.



  • Do they only protect smart homes? Rather elitist!  One would think if a home were smart it would protect itself better than the slower witted ones.

    (couldn't resist)
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