New town Road.


 During the lifetime of the Wivenhoe and Brightlingsea railway company they used the main line track and Station at Wivenhoe. This all belonged to the Great Eastern Railway who had their eye on the W.A.B.R.C. which they wished to take over, so in the 1880's they suddenly announced that the the trains of the Brightlingsea and Wivenhoe railway could no longer use the great eastern tracks and station so trains had to stop some 200 yards short of the Wivenhoe station to which passengers had to walk if they wished to catch a connecting train. Two temporary platforms were erected by the Paget Road crossing , one 110 feet long and the other 75 feet long. on the Paget Road side there was also a new road built called New town Road ( Hamilton Road) which was built at the junction with Brook Street to the new platform to carry freight from Brightlingsea. This inconvenience was to much for passengers and the freight business and the Wivenhoe and Brightlingsea Railway sold out to the Great Eastern Railway Company in 1893 for the grand sum of £31,000 . The old platforms eventually disappeared during the start of the depression years when the locals used the timber on the platforms for firewood.



  • Interesting. I hadn't seen the building of Hamilton Road connected to the railway line before. The date on the south side terrace of Hamilton Road is dated 1893 but the houses on the north side look older.
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    New Town Fields and New Town Road

    Now Hamilton Road

    John Stewart / Sally McAndrew

    1897 map of lower Wivenhoe with the position of New Town Road highlighted

    About New Town Fields and New Town Road

    In 1842 a plot of land in Hamilton Road was owned by Benjamin Smith and his wife Sarah. This plot is now a cottage called Westward. They sold the plot of land to local landowner John Green Chamberlain (Senior), a ship agent who died in 1860. The land was left to his son, John Green Chamberlain, a ship owner and landowner.  John later sold the plot of land to Edward Harvey (yacht steward) of Anglesea Road for the sum of £22.00.

    It was still then a plot of land on New Town Fields, the name by which this area was then known.  New Town Road was newly constructed in the 1880s which ran from its junction with Brook Street to the Great Eastern Railway line where there was once a platform servicing the train line. .

    In 1893, Edward Harvey sold the plot to Edgar and Daniel Chapman who were local Wivenhoe builders. They then erected a house on the plot called Colne Cottage, which they sold to Lily May Husk who was the daughter of Nicholas James Husk (yacht builder) of the Quay at Wivenhoe.

    In 1934, Lily May married George James Pettit at St. Martins in the Field, London,  When Lily died in 1969,  the Cottage was purchased by Charles Scofield who let it out to Ernie Vince.

    To see more of New town Road see my other post Paget Halt.

  • Thank you, John and Sally. Some of this is included in the deeds of my house (2 Hamilton Road). Chamberlain sold the plot for nos.1 and 2 to Dick Ham in 1893 for £50. What I didn't know was the connection with a lost railway halt.
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