Wivenhoe to Alresford Creek ~ Kayak Trip

Yesterday we took advantage of the good weather and the late tide to paddle from Wivenhoe to Alresford Creek.

Wivenhoe Waterfront

Colne Barrier Wivenhoe

Wivenhoe Moorings

Ballast Quay

River Colne Open Water

Alresford Creek with Brightlingsea Church in the background


  • Did you manage to get back to Wivenhoe ok? 
  • Hi Helsabels,

    Yes we did - we have a two person kayak, and it was my wife and I paddling.  The public jetty is normally usable for 2½ hours either side of high tide and, even allowing for time to take the photographs and a couple of rest breaks we comfortably completed the trip in under four hours.

  • Thank you.  I will give it a go. Sounds brilliant 
  • Hi Helsabels,

    We have also paddled into Colchester to the Mill Apartments - which is as far as you can go.  This trip has the advantage that, if you time it right you will be paddling with the tide in both directions.  However one word of warning, one of the bridges we passed under by the Hythe was quite low and on our return, because the tide had come in even more, we could only just fit under!

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