Deer in wiv

my husband saw a deer this morning in our street in lower Wiv. Fairly small, but he thought young rather than munch jack (or whatever the spelling is) . It had a nosy down a neighbours alley way and then continued on its way. I've never seen any deer in Wiv even in woods, fields etc. Do we have deers? Was it just very lost? 


  • I always understood there to be deer in Wivenhoe woods but never saw one until a year or so ago about 5.30 in the morning on the Wivenhoe trail.

  • Ive seen them in the road by the flag

  • I have occasionally seen young Muntjac in my garden (I live close to woods).  On one occasion outside my house one poor creature was attacked by a dog who had it by the throat for a while before chasing it around the surrounding streets. Fortunately the deer escaped through a narrow fence gap.
  • I saw one in the woods a few weeks ago 
  • We saw one 2 years ago on Christmas day walking up the road.
  • There are a few Muntjac around here. Fairly secretive but actually quite widespread. You are more likely to hear them rustling away through the undergrowth than to see them but early mornings are best.

    I also bumped into a nice buck Roe Deer at Alresford some while back but not before or since.


    Roe Deer was copied onto Wiv Wildlife but file size restrictions prevent me from copying it here, so...

  • Muntjacs  quite often visit Ferry Marsh.
  • Great to know thank you 
  • There was one in Cooks shipyard two weeks ago. Must have run from the woods to the trail.
  • I saw a group of them walking along the railway cutting to the east of the Anglesea Road bridge, in the direction of the station a few years ago - I think that they then find a way onto Ferry Marsh from there.
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