Scam about security and router

I keep being phoned by people from India, several times a day.  They ring with a story about security and router, having our details from TalkTalk, whom we stopped having as our provider about 3 years ago.  There are two phone numbers to watch out for:
02036083056 and 02077353020.  Sometimes there is No Number on 1471, but I now have these two.  Watch out, especially for elderly folk.


  • Thanks for this, Gloria.  It's public-spirited of you to send the warning.

  • And given the cybersecurity attacks, make sure you are up to date with windows patches and backing up data. If on  Windows XP I'd avoid keeping any critical data as it cannot be protected.

    Of be aware of phishing emails.

    Zoolz do free cloud back up for 100Gb.
  • There is a website where you can check out any suspicious URLs that you might receive via emails or just if you want to be sure that it's a valid one:

    It will open up the link on their servers so that you can see if it's what you're really expecting to see.
  • Microsoft has made the (unusual) decision to provide patches against the latest issue in the news affecting the NHS. There are patches available for windows XP/8. I suspect this is a one-off by microsoft and I agree with Mottza on avoid using windows XP, but the patch is here for those who are worried..

  • BT now have a free service that blocks calls to you that they know are scammers etc - they effectively block them at source so you are never aware that anyone has tried to call you
  • Try  a BT8500  DECT Cordless with TAM with Nuisance Call Blocking phone, under £20.. new from Ebay
    Stop ALL unwanted calls before they reach you and no extra monthly cost
  • I've been pestered by these in the past. I have many a time told them that I don't have a pc but they keep jabbering on. I've joined the TPS so quite relieved.. 
  • I like to keep them engaged for as long as I can, just for sport and when eventually after as long as I can string of them along I let them know that despite not having had talk talk for a number of years, I have no need for them to sort out my account. I know it doesn't help the other people who are taken in by these shatters but at at least whilst I am engaging them it prevents them bothering someone else. I consider it a civic duty!
  • Obviously shatters was an autocorrect issue! 

  • Short of changing my landline, it seems nothing will stop these calls !  I have the aforementioned BT phone, and however many times I hit the Block shield, another withheld number call arrives from India. 
  • As rude as this may seem, we have a phone where we can program in all the people in our directory so that it displays the name of those numbers thus recognised.

    Other numbers not recognised are not answered. If it is important enough, a message will be left and I will happily call back - and if I am happy to hear from you again - to put you in the #irectory.

    I appreciate how irritating it might be to leave a message if you haven't called me before but I am sure if your call is important enough that you will be ok to let me know what you need. To date, no scammer has ever given me a number to call back...
  • Well, I have the number equivalent to dyslexia, so that is not a solution !  Also you may happily not have phone calls from medical establishments who regularly withhold numbers, which makes this not an option.  Good to hear any suggestions which may work for others--thanks for taking the time to post.
  • BT sell a range of "Truecall" phones that, as well as able to block certain types of calls, answer the incoming call and requests the name of the caller and then asks you if you wish to accept the call or not.
  • All useful info for more people than just me: thanks, y'all.
  • I have the same type of phone as Glyn and like him, I have had no cold callers - having previously had several a day on a bad day! Unfortunately I forgot to enter my own mobile number so couldn't call home the first time I needed to!
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