Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife: Summer Photography Competition

As announced at our Springwatch event last Friday, we are running a wildlife and wild places photo competition. Entries are invited into five categories (below), and please submit as many as you like (just let us know which category each is for). All should be in digital format, and emailed to chrismothman *at* btinternet *dot* com by 30 September. Feel free to apply digital manipulation to your images!

We will then assemble shortlists for each category, which we can then put into a presentation for our Autumnwatch event, including a public vote for the winners of (small) prizes!

The categories are:

A. Wildlife and wild spaces on Wivenhoe Town Council land (Wildlife Garden, Jubilee Garden, KGV Field, Old or New Cemetery, and St Mary's Churchyard). The purpose of this is to encourage everyone to visit these areas and to use their cameras/phones for recording want they see, to help our understanding of the (hopeful) success of management improvements by WTC following the unfortunate events of last autumn.

B. Identifiably WildWivenhoe. To celebrate the wonderful wildlife around us: these can be any sort of wildlife, but should include in the image something that places it in Wivenhoe, whether it be the church in the background, or distinctive tree, or part of the riverbank.

C. Close-up nature. As we showed you in a previous WWW Autumnwatch session, close-up images help us to see the world in a different way - dive in, lose yourself, and find the Devil in the Detail.

D. Not quite there... We have had a request to give you a talk in a future indoor session about identification off wildlife through tracks and signs, so this might help us with material. Anything in which the main living subject is missing - a dived bird, a bird's nest, footprints, droppings, shed skins etc. Be as inventive as you like!

E. And anything else you would like to submit which you think might interest the judges and audience

Hopefully some of you will rise to this (enjoyable) challenge. We are not looking for technical perfection - a cameraphone shot is as good in our eyes as that from a top-end DSLR. What we will be looking for is something that fulfils the brief, and  helps further the understanding and appreciation of our natural world.


  • Hi Chris! Does this mean we should not post the photos to the forum if we want to submit them, do both, some other combination?
  • Thanks Gribble - I would prefer if they were sent direct to me. But if you would like to kick things off and post them in addition, perhaps in a separate thread under the Wivenhoe Galleries subject, that would be great!
  • How do you add photos to a forum post? Every time I try, I'm told the file is too large.

  • Hi @Charmaine,

    There is a file size limit of 250KB. From the user guide:

    "An image of 750 px wide is acceptable. Please do try and resize any images before uploading. There is a max file size set at 250KB.

    If you want to publish a larger image…

    (ii) Embed an image via an absolute url. Upload the image a third party host such as flickr (free accounts available.) Grab the absolute url. Paste this into the image button in the forum editor. The image will automatically be resized for the forum. Internal bandwidth will also be saved."

    You basically need to open up your photo in an editor, resize it smaller, and then check the end file size or use one of many websites that do this for you.
  • And another reminder. The Photo Competition (see original post above) is still open, until the end of September. while a few entries have trickled in, we would certainly welcome more...
  • A reminder that the photo competition is still open for submissions. Please ensure any images you would like to submit reach me by email by 30 September. For details of categories etc see above.

    By way of encouragement, there will be small prizes for each category winner. But for the overall winner to be chosen by public vote at WWW Autumnwatch on 6 October, Richard Allen has kindly donated a very special limited edition print of one of his wonderful works as the top prize:

  • Just two weeks left if you would like to be in with a chance of winning!
  • Chris I have some photos on my tablet But I am not sure how I can print them . Have you any ideas?   
  • @greenback, you can email them to Chris, or attach them to a PM via the forum.
  • Thanks Glyn. @greenback, we are not actually looking for prints at all. However you can submit digitally is the way in!
  • Thankyou 
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