Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife Springwatch 5 May

As one of the launch events for the Wild About Wivenhoe festival, WWW is holding one of its regular indoor Springwatch events on 5 May at 1930 in the Congregational Church Hall. 

Current plans are that there will be an hour or so of presentations from the usual suspects, reviewing the wildlife events since we last met and looking forward to the summer to come. 

Assuming the weather stays fair, we will then have a moth trapping session in the church garden, from about 2100 until late, hopefully also with a barbecue and light refreshments to keep us going. 

Entry to the event itself is free, although food and refreshments will be subject to a small charge.  

In order that we can plan the seating arrangements and catering, it is essential that you book by replying/PM to this posting by Sunday 2 May please

 And keep an eye on the Wivenhoe Forum for any last minute changes in programme in the event of unfavourable weather.

 For details of other events during the Wild About Wivenhoe festival week, please see http://www.wildaboutwiv.org/



  • Yes please Chris, to Springwatch.
  • Could you reserve two seats for Jo and Alan please Chris? 
  • Angie, Jo & Alan - spaces reserved.

    This is a last call for bookings - please let me know by one means or another by teatime tomorrow (Tuesday) if you would like to come on Friday
  • Two for us please if you happened to forget. 
  • Thanks Gribble - the beer hadn't flowed quite that much!
  • Thanks to all who came to our Springwatch event last night. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We can only apologise for the lack of moth action - the cold, drizzle and wind put paid to any sign of nightlife!

    Special thanks to Justin for use of the Church and hall; to Jeannie Coverley for providing two lovely salads, and to Debs, Jude and Sarah for taking control of practicalities while the boys were playing to the crowd...

    Hope to see some of you at dawn tomorrow...

    Chris, Glyn, Greg & Richard
  • edited May 6
    Thanks for hosting such a nice night all! :)
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