Furniture for free!

We have a houseful of furniture and no one to give it to. Have tried Emmaus (no room for anything more), Alzheimer's charity, Heart foundation (nothing more for five weeks), Colchester Furniture Project, etc. 
Anyone know who else I can ring and offer this to? 
We have sideboards, floor lamp, tables, chairs, two seater settees, etc.
I can't believe there isn't a soul who would like them would be such a shame to trail them to the dump when there is still so much life in them.


  • St Helena Hospice shop may be interested ( tel: 890166 )  They sell furniture in their Stanway shop.

  • Hi. I did try them first but they said they couldn't take anything for a few weeks.  I know the day we get rid of everything someone will come forward and say they will have it! Never mind and thank you for the suggestion.
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