skateboarding/scootering in the roads

Has anyone noticed the increase in children/youths using public roads in Wivenhoe as skateboard/scooter runs over the last few years?
There seems to be an attitude of "The rules don't apply to me". I've just seen a large group of children on scooters nearly get hit by two separate cars in the last 10 minutes.
The response to them being alerted by the car's horns was jeering and stupid bravado.
Presumably when they get hit on a blind corner the cry will go up of "It's the car driver at fault".
I fear its only a matter of time before there is a fatal accident on a road nearby.


  • I've seen some pretty reckless bike riding behaviour. But also reckless speeding and tailgating from cars (from proper grown ups).

    From what I can see there simply isn't enough for teenagers to do in the area. They have no dedicated public spaces or buildings for them to be in, places they can shape themselves without condemnation or disapproval. These things are always a social dynamic, with two sides to the problem.
  • Hmmm...   It's even more dangerous when they're zooming along on the pavements, pedestrians scattering like skittles.
  • On Wednesday at around 7pm I was coming out of Old Ferry Road to the railway station roundabout. Two of the little sweethearts were in the road by the roundabout itself. As I pulled out to head up Station Road, one scooted pretty smartly across to where the old coffee shack used to be. The other waited, looked directly at me and then wheeled out in front of the car ... All the time staring at me as if daring me to hit him. One of these days somebody just might ... 
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