Changes to the Mod team

I am very happy to announce the return of @Marika to the forum's volunteer Mod team. @Chris is taking a well deserved break [he's actually going to be very busy over the summer months...]

Marika will be working with @Patsy and @Glyn in keeping the forum online. Without their objective back up then the forum wouldn't exist.

As ever, please contact the Mod team if you want to raise any issues about content on the forum. You can do this by either sending a PM to @Moderator, or via email to moderator at wivenhoeforum dot co dot uk.

I have no say in the moderation process.

Thank you, thank you Chris. I hope you may also consider a return to modding at some point.

We're always on the look out for any other volunteer mods btw. This needn't be a full on, permanent arrangement. Marika's welcome return shows that we can work around volunteers taking breaks. I very much hope that Chris might return.

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