Hello, I am moving to Wivenhoe shortly, as I have sold my home where I am living now (Chelmsford). I have two children of junior school age and I will need before & after school care for them on two days a week, plus possibly either an after-school of before school for a further day. I am looking for an Ofsted-registered childminder ideally, as I would need to be able to claim for the costs. I can't seem to get anything coming up in internet searches. Can anyone recommend someone? I'd appreciate any help with finding someone - thank you.


  • Hi and welcome to Wivenhoe!

    I don't have any information about childminders but if your children will be attending Broomgrove there is a breakfast, after school and holiday club (some days may be full). It's run by the infants school for both infant and junior children.
    There may also be something similar at Millfields?
  • There's a Wivenhoe Parents and Carers group on Facebook that you might have more luck on. They're strict about joining though so you may have to send a message to say you're moving to Wiv. Good luck! :)
  • Hello Hepburn & July - thank you so much! This is helpful because the Broomgrove school website makes no mention of any breakfast/after school club. This has made me feel a lot better (although there are still many obstacles to overcome - such as whether or not they'll get a place at the school!). I'll try the Parents and Carers group on FB too. Thank you.
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