Would you be willing to volunteer to be a tree warden?

One of the action proposals in the draft Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan is that one or two tree wardens should be appointed by Wivenhoe Town Council.  This can only happen is there are some volunteers.  In a different thread Liam McKarry who is Colchester's arboricultural officer stated

The tree warden scheme has been fairly defunct for a few years now principally due to lack of interest from residents. The councils role was to facilitate the scheme but the onus was upon the tree wardens themselves to be involved.

Between 2010 - 2013 I spent a fair amount of time trying to encourage and recruit new wardens but with limited success. To be honest I would love for the scheme to be re-invigorated if residents wanted it to be but my fear is that as before, people show interest initially but then fade away.

I'm glad that your residents are showing an interest though



Tendring has quite an active tree warden scheme.  Enthusiasm is perhaps more important than a lot of knowledge (you would not need to be an expert on tree diseases for example)  Wardens encourage new planting and monitor trees in their Parish. 

Tendring also has occasional meetings for Wardens within its District.  If there is anyone out there who would be interested an informal invitation to turn up at the next Tendring meeting to have a chance to chat to some of the Tendring wardens has been givem.  This is at the Naze on April 29th.  If you PM I can send you further details about this event

Appointing tree wardens is obviously a WTC decision but meeting some other tree wardens might help you to decide whether you wanted to volunteer. 


  • Would it be totally out of the question to ask some of the local tree surgeons to support this function?

    Or do the majority of people suppose that they like nothing better than to be over-avaricious with their chainsaw?

    The more conscientious tree surgeons have two main advantages over "lay" volunteers:

    1. They know what they are doing;
    2. They are doing the arboreal rounds anyway so aren't necessarily going out of their way.

    I don't see why it should be assumed that all tree surgeons are rather trigger happy opportunists who don't put the health and longevity of trees at the top of their agenda. Or is it a prerequisite that you need to be a "save a tree at all costs" activist to qualify...?

    And yes, I also pick up a sense that getting people to volunteer for things is a bit of a toughie, hence the above suggestion.

    In order to save things it is often necessary to be pragmatic and adaptable. I am sure that the best Tree Wardens will have these attributes.
  • Personally I would be happy to volunteer for such a role in preserving our heritage and natural habitat.
  • That's the pragmatic box ticked, then... ;-)
  • Thanks Liberty.  I have sent you a PM.  The NP suggests two wardens.  Someone else has already expressed an interest and is probably going to the Tendring event at the Naze (not sure whether Tendring would welcome two outsiders but they might)
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