Fires on Ferry Marsh

With warm weather and the school holidays underway, it was all rather predictable to see this sort of scene on Ferry Marsh this morning (Monday 10th).  This spot is just opposite the swing on the tree, where youngsters often congregate. Perhaps the perpetrators were encouraged by deliberate bonfire(s) lit a short distance away on the edge of the Marsh, close to Sprindrift Way houses, which were apparently the work of a resident?  


  • I wonder if this was why the fire engine was rushing down the high street yesterday afternoon...
  • Sadly I don't think that they need any encouragement - they seem to be perfectly capable of coming up with the idea themselves.
  • Although probably not related to the fire mentioned, I've seen several bonfires on Ferry Marsh recently to burn garden waste & fence panels. It appeared they were started by the resident(s) of an adjacent house to the Ferry Marsh - on one occasion a yellow garden hose was laid across the road (Spindrift) pointing towards the fire. It is easy to see from Spindrift the large area of ground in Ferry Marsh that has been cleared much of which is hardened chared earth.

    It was my understanding that Ferry Marsh is part of Colne Nature Reserve.  Additionally I was recently informed that part of Ferry Marsh is of SSSI.

    Could a Wivenhoe Town Councillor or the Town Clerk perhaps assist with the legal position of deliberately started bonfires/fires on Ferry Marsh?
  • I have often wondered how it is that the people who live adjacent to Ferry Marsh are able to treat it as if it were part of their garden, and cut down the trees and shrubs there which are, apparently, blocking their view.
  • To be fair to the residents of Spindrift Way there is a problem with the strip of land still owned by Wivenhoe Quay Ltd (now in administration).  This strip runs between the ditch and the boundary of the Colne Nature Reserve.  The Nature Reserve is maintained by the Borough but the unmaintained privately owned strip has been turning into a bramble thicket smothering everything else.  I think the bonfire was to deal with the brambles. An earlier patch has since regenerated with reeds.  The land (including the trees) between the ditch and Spindrift Way is owned by the householders.
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