Rectory Hill closure

Did anyone actually receive notification about this? 


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    Apparently there was a suspected gas leak. But can't find further information.
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    Ah hah ... That makes more sense than sudden random roadworks overnight on Friday! Thanks Hazel.

    The Hedingham website says it will be closed until Monday lunchtime ... Apparently.

  • Does this explain why the 74b bus to Clacton didn't run from the Co-Op at 10.29 today? I know it is only supposed to go from the Co-Op on Sundays, we had problems last Summer with it's non-appearance!

    Its 2 hours to the next bus, so we went home!

  • I can confirm that it wasn't a suspected gas leak but an actual gas leak ( in fact two )therefore it could no be previous notification. Unfortunately some people didn't think that was serious enough and removed the barriers protecting the area.
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