Roy Cross

Doug is under Hospice care because of his cancer. He is rather lucid but doesn't remember anything about the New York showing. He is an American academic but he says it was not he.
He does have several of Roy Cross' paintings and after his death I would like to give others the opportunity to have them. Too bad that they are not in the U.K.  I doubt that there's much of a market here for them. Do you know of a dealer here who might be interested in helping me sell them?  He also has some bronzes by John Doubleday, paintings by Tony Young and several other items purchased in Wivenhoe.
Has anyone contacted you about the connection between Josh Kirby and the Wivenhoe Arts Club?
Doug's wife when they were in Wivenhoe was Lois. She died of lung cancer some 26 years ago.
Doug's now-wife,


  • Is this the Roy Cross who painted Airfix kit covers? I would love to hear more about the paintings if it is.
  • I don't know about the airfix but I have been interested in the art of the 70's in Wivenhoe and have a collection of photos you might like to see. Pm me your email address and I will send a couple if you wish.
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