Perspex hunt

I'm looking for some perspex for my summer house (the old stuff is cracked and no longer transparent) and wondered if anyone knew of anywhere that sells it at a really good price as it's looking quite expensive in the places I'm looking. Any ideas for where I can buy some from (or alternatives) would be really great, please. 

Many thanks,



  • Colchester Plastic Hawkins Road (there is a web site) comes to mind, may even have off cuts, will cut to size if need be, good shop
  • Thank you! I'll give them a call tomorrow :)
  • I have a couple of bits you can have. One large piece intact and another that snapped but still quite good sized bits. 
  • Thank you! That's really kind. Can I come and grab them from you please? 
  • Yes, sure. 
  • I've emailed you.
  • Sorry ...Colchester plastics no longer trade.       We are CWPS LTD , 01206 866077..  Ask for Ed ....we do have Perspex off cuts and sheet sizes.   
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