Missing Cat from Admirals Walk

I hope you don't mind me posting this but my cat Bobby has now been missing since Tuesday having never stayed out for the night before. He is 18 months old but large, long haired and black and white. He is very timid so I hthink he's been spooked and hiding out, or he has got into a shed or garage and been shut in. I'd be really grateful if you could keep out an eye for him or let me know any sightings. My contact number is 07730 535748. If you could also check any recently opened garages or sheds that would also be great. Thanks so much in advance.


  • I saw a black and white cat this morning on Spindrift Way (next to the marsh) - one that I have not seen it before, which is why I particularly noticed it. It might be a good idea to put some leaflets through doors in the area, since a lot of people do not read this forum. Good luck - I hope you find him soon.
  • Oh I hope you find him. If you have a photo you could try posting on for sale and wanted Wivenhoe or Wivenhoe pets x
  • Bobby has been found. Thanks so much to all the good Wivenhoe people who kept an eye out for him and looked out, he's now home and well.
  • Fantastic news !!
  • Yay! 
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