The best of the forum

One of our friends just rang in a panic trying to source a part for an old boiler but has no reliable internet to source it or to find a decent chap to fit ot without ripping her off.

Cue the Wivenhoe forum and the recommendations section. One name leaps out and hey presto - our firiend calms down and feels she can make it through the week.

Sometimes it takes most of your career to gain people's trust but it needn't be that way. Efficient, unselfish and proactive networking gets people solutions quickly and efficiently - sometimes even when they don't believe there is a solution.

This is a true story which happened in the last 20 minutes.

I thought I'd share it with everyone as I was beginning to have my doubts about whether being community-spirited and proactive was really a good idea...

Think I'll carry on for a bit.

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