Wivenhoe Colchester Big Choice winner!

Wivenhoe Repair Reuse Recycle CIC / Wivenhoe Repair Cafe awarded £5000.

I'd like to thank you all for your support, we can now use the money to develop the scale of the project and develop training for volunteers.

Thank you.

Chris Blomeley Coordinator

Please consider donating your old washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers to us to recondition for use in social housing.


  • Excellent news, congratulations
  • Chris,

    Well done and a big thanks for your work in the Community.


  • Great news
  • Hi, we have a dishwasher and condensed tumble dryer being replaced next Sunday. We have paid for the company to take it away but would your scheme benefit from these items. The dryer is still working. The dishwasher rotator stopped spinning that splashes the water around.
  • Well done, Chris!  :)
  • Well done
  • Well done Chris. Good to know that people can still support worthy causes.

    Once everyone wakes up and realises that they can fill any more holes in the ground you will be away.
  • Congratulations! Well done and thank you for what you have achieved in encouraging re-use and recycling. 
  • Excellent news Chris - keep up the good work. Any further support I can give with CBC or local links just let me know.
  • Hi Mark, there is! Could we meet up please I have a develpment Idea
  • Hi, We have an old washing machine that you are welcome to collect any time. I'll pm you details.

  • Well done - great news!

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