Wivenhoe Congregational Church History book

I have a few copies of a history book written by Rev Clementina Gordon in the early 1960's when the church moved from West Street to its present position. It's an extremely interesting account of church life from the reformation to the 1960's including the removal and installation of the Catholic and Anglican clergy and interesting stories of how they coped with the turbulent times. There is also an account of the first king James bibles coming from Holland to Colchester Hythe which was a hidden history to me.

We only have three copies and one has written on it to be kept in the safe as this is rare. Would anyone be interested in seeing this account and would there be any mileage in updating it to the present day to end with what Churches together in Wivenhoe do today? I believe that Peter Hill has a copy and there should be some around. I was told by the Congregational federation that I should leave a copy with a library, would Wivenhoe library be interested in keeping it safe for us or maybe the museum. I look forward to your replies. Rev Jus


  • Colchester Library has a copy in their Local Studies collection, according to their online catalogue
    It's kept in Colchester library for reference only. If you can spare another copy, Wivenhoe Library may well like to have it.

  • Very interesting hadn't heard about the book. Rev Clementina Gordon ran a group called Pilots a church  club similar to scouts but water based and for a mixed group of boys and girls. We were all about 10 years old and Miss Gordon taught us to row in dinghies up and down what is now West Quay  past the dry dock containing the hulk of the Cap Pilar with water gushing out through the gap between the huge black gates.
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